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Eventide Fairies

These fairies bring light to the earth and help believers who are in need or sick. Eventide fae are graceful and elegant and carry lanterns with them so they always have light.

They are closely related to the flower fairies and love to wear petals from pink and purple flowers. A sip of dew or a drop of nectar is all they need in the way of food.

When looking for Eventide fairies keep an eye out for a glowing light which may flicker on and off or a feather sticking straight out of the ground after an illness, the feather indicates they have just helped you recover.

Eventide Fairies are considered the mothers and fathers of the fairies. The Elders of the fairy world, they offer guidance to younger fairies.

Eventide fae are renowned for settling disputes among their kin, they also bring a sense of hope and well being to those in need.