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Here you will find all sorts of useful information about our little friends day to day lives.

Fairy Food

Fairies love to eat foods from nature, they find the pure goodness in these foods more sustaining than any other.

Fairies do like to try human foods on special occasions and like small cakes and sweets, and if the cakes are made with saffron they are especially cherished, saffron is highly valued by fairies. The little folk are also very fond of honey in any form especially in milk.

Fairies will often take the essence of food rather than actual bites as this sustains them better, the essence of food and nature brightens them and gives them energy.

Lastly if the fae “eat” to many sweets the Tooth Fairy tells them off!!!

Fairy Pastimes

The favourite pastime of the Fae folk is to celebrate with feasting, music and dancing. They love to welcome in the different seasons and the full  moon.

When the night falls the fairies come out to dance and party the night away, with the signs of first light the fairies vanish to sleep and carry out their special magic.

If you are out on a high day or a night of a full moon you may come across a fairy celebration, be very careful as it is easy to become entranced and trapped.

Many mortals have been made to party until they collapse with exhaustion and some are trapped in Fairyland forever, so watch from a distance, block your ears as it is the music which is enchanting and stay for only a short while.


Fairy Music

The Fae are renowned for their love of music and dance.
As said above fairy music can be dangerous to us humans, on the other side the little folk will be drawn to the sound of beautiful music. Here are some recommendation’s from the fairies in my back yard they love…… Delibes The Flower Duet, Debussy: Clair De Lune, L 32, also Fly To Your Heart.

Now if you happen across a Leprechaun play him some music as he will dance to his gold! If the music stops he will disappear. Many Fae are amazing musicians weaving their magic within their notes producing a truly hunting and bewitching music.

So be careful if you are walking in the woods and hear a lilting, enchanting melody and feel the urge to dance you may be under a fairy music spell.

 Meeting a Fairy

There are a few different ways to meet fairies, here are a few guide lines.

Patience is the key for meeting a fairy, they are shy and often mistrusting and will not show themselves readily. Start with meditation near or in a fairy circle, taking a gift with you is a good idea.

Children often see the Fae better than the rest of us as they are more open. You probably have already seen a fairy or been very near a fairy.

Have you ever seen movement out of the corner of your eye and find nothing is there?

Can you see flickering lights around plants?

Do you hear music or tinker-ling bells from unexplained sources?

Have you ever walked down the street and caught the fragrance of a flower or tree?

Most traditions teach that this is a greeting from the Fae folk, just reply with an offering. See the fairy food section.

Some may never see a fairy, but trust they are all around. Just let them know that you are a friend.

You must be safe, some fae are mischievous and capricious while others are down right dangerous. If you find yourself in this situation just calmly and quietly leave.



  Important Dates During the Faery Year

  March 15th:
Festival of river nymphs and water fairies, a dangerous day for swimming.

  April 30th & May 1st:
Fairies ride out from their hills to celebrate Beltaine on May Eve

  August 7th:
Fairy hills and dwellings are revealed on this day.

  September 29th:
Doors open between our world and the fairy realm.

  November 8th: Another day when it is possible to catch a glimpse of fairyland.

  November 11th: Festival of the blackthorn fairies.