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Here is a guide for creating an inviting and enchanting garden for your fairies.

The Right Plants

Having the right flowers and plants in your garden will defiantly encourage the fairies to your garden.

They use plants for all sorts of purpose’s.

These plants are some of the fairies favourites:

Fairies like to use them for hats and clothing.
 Apple Trees:
Fairies love to use the blossoms for special dresses and clothes for Spring celebrations.

The tulip bloom is used as a fairy crib for their babies.


The fern makes lovely soft beds for the fairies.

When the bluebell is rung it sweetly calls all of the Fay folk for midnight parties and dances.

Can be used as a key into the Fairy World according to German legend.

Oak Trees: The Oak is sacred and cherished by the fairies, the oak leaves are used in the
Autumn celebrations and the acorns for hats and decorations.
It is said that fairies can be found in every Oak tree, with hundreds living in the very oldest trees.

If you live with a stream in your back garden, you are very lucky and might already have water sprites and fairies living near by.

These magical creatures love the sound and light generated by moving water.

Introduce water to your garden, by creating a small pond or install a water feature such as a fountain, waterfall or a low bird bath.

To make the feature extra special you could put some sparkly stones or crystals in the water.

Build your fairy garden around your water feature, garden statues will also encourage these gentle folk to your garden.

                                  A Fairy House                                                              

Fairies love places to hide so a fairy house is a must.
Fairies will want a place to hide and will tend to make their home’s in gardens that provide outlets to quickly disappear from the prying attention of human eyes. For information on making a fairy house click here, it needs a whole page of it's own.

The last bits and pieces

Lastly make sure you have included lots of sparkle and glitter to your garden.

Fairies can’t resist sparkling objects and will love investigating your glittering fairy gardens.

The fairies will transform your ordinary glitter into magical fairy dust.

Place miniature bells and wind chimes in your fairy garden, so you can hear them magically tinkle as the fairies fly and play in your enchanted garden. Fanciful fairies enjoy music and dancing and will be drawn to the delightful tinkling of bells and wind chimes.

Finally make sure that when you plant your garden you include plants and flowers which attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

Fairies love taking rides on these amazing winged creatures.