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Fairy Godmother

 In fairy tales a fairy godmother is a fairy with magical powers who acts as a mentor or parent to someone.
The fairy godmother is a character in stories that tests the hero/heroine (and sometimes other characters as well) and provides magical assistances to the hero/heroine while he/she succeeds.
Fairy godmothers appear frequently in stories especially re-telling’s of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty


Mercedes Lackey presents a gently lampooned version of the concept in her Tales of the Five Hundred Kingdoms series, in which the Fairy Godmother role is a career option for young women when the “Tradition” has tried to force them on a story that does not work out probably.
This means these women have an excess of magic, if they can access this magic and receive the blessing of the Fae folk, they are granted the gifts of being a Fairy Godmother.

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 In Sherk 2 the Fairy Godmother turns out to be a conniving, crooked businesswoman, who is quite willing to resort to blackmail and murder to further her own interests. The pure reason for helping princesses gain a happily ever after with Prince Charming, is that Prince Charming is actually the Fairy Godmother’s son, and through the marriage he will gain the throne!