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Flower Fairies

Flower fairies are very passionate fae and love natural beauty and luxury, they love to surround and array themselves with beautiful flowers and
things of nature. They make their home's with in the flowers or in gardens that are welcoming.

These fairies love to be busy and tend to nature, if your garden is poorly then inviting a flower fairy in and helping by making them a home will rejuvenate your garden. Flower fairies also like to play and be mischievous, which is why you may get a dew drop shower when passing under a tree!

Look out for flowers that last longer than they should, garden tools lying around and fairy rings, these are the signs that flower fairies are at work in your garden.

The flower fae love little treats and also acts of kindness which will encourage them to make a blessing. Always leave a small patch of wild flowers to grow to welcome them.

There are also all the flower fairies discovered by C M Baker, she created a wide range of pictures of these fairies, below are the ones which go with the alphabet. Enjoy.