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Forest Fairies
Are the most common of the Fae Folk, they live within the tress with wings that blend with the leaves. These fairies often use fairy circles to sing, dance and celebrate within, these fairies love music and make their own instruments out of wood and craved rocks.

The Forest Fae make their clothing out of leave and flowers and use fallen twigs to make various homely

items. For food, forest fairies eat berries, the purest water and fairy butter which they make themselves.

The forest fairies are protectors of trees and are born with ancient Fae knowledge about healing the trees they live in and protect.

Signs to look out for their fairy presence are; broken twigs in a pattern, trees touched by lightning yet still growing, a spiral of lichen growing up a tree or music high in the branches.

The Forest fairies live deep in the forest and are very shy, they are very hard to find.